Time to pick up the needles, Bronwyn Bishop?

Dear Ms Bishop,

I would like to extend to you commiserations regarding your recent loss in the preselection for the seat of Mackellar. I except that it is highly unlikely that you will contest the seat as an independent, given your long standing association with the liberal party.

Given your impending retirement, I’d like to suggest that you consider taking up knitting. With the hefty pension coming your way as a former Speaker of the House of Representatives, you’ll be able to indulge in the finer yarns available, cashmere perhaps or even some wonderfully soft angora?

Here are five reasons why knitting could be a good option for you in retirement:
  1. Maintain your cognitive function – there are plenty of studies about that indicate a very strong link between knitting and keeping a healthy mind in the sunset years.  The mayo clinic found that seniors who knit (or participate in other crafts) are less likely to suffer from ‘mild cognitive impairment’. Perhaps you won’t forget to repay any inappropriate expenses that are claimed during your retirement.
  2. Help deal with any retirement related depression. It’s quite possible that your retirement may trigger a depressive episode. As outlined in my previous post, knitting can help to alleviate depression, another reason to pick up the needles.
  3. Maintain social connections. Loneliness is a common source of depression for older people, and I expect that you won’t be invited to quite as many soirées now that you appear to be on the outer with the Liberal Party. Perhaps you could consider joining a local knitting group as a way of maintaining social connections.
  4. Knitting is portable – you can take your knitting wherever you go. Should you find yourself on a helicopter flight to another fundraising function, you can take your knitting with you.
  5. Knitting for reflection – once you become a proficient knitter, you can multitask, knit and think at the same time.  You can mull over the decisions you’ve made during your time in parliament, and decide once and for all if the choices you made were indeed the best choices for the people of Australia.
Take up knitting, Ms Bishop. I believe that it will bring many benefits to your life once you end your parliamentary career.
Photo of Bronwyn Bishop, wearing a red satin jacket, white pearls and sea shell earrings.

Bronwyn Bishop during happier times. Credit: Eva Rinaldi [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

Kind regards,
Miss Redpen.

This post is part three of a series on knitting as therapy



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