A rose by another name

Last year, as readers of previous blog posts would know, I put myself on a yarn diet. I had about 44 kms 12 months ago, and that has now blown out to 53.


So this year, I’ve put my hand up for a ‘cold sheep’ challenge. What’s a Cold Sheep, I hear you say? It’s basically just another name for a yarn diet. Knit from what you’ve got, avoid making impulse purchases (planned shopping at major events such as Bendigo is ok), avoid buying other people’s destashes etc. There are other names as well, but this year I’m trying cold sheep.

There’s a thread for it in one of the groups I’ve joined on Ravelry. they’ve set challenges to help motivate and inspire everyone to succeed in knitting from stash and the one I picked for January was to properly catalogue my stash. It’s done – all of my yarn stash is now photographed and listed in Ravelry which is helping me to feel super organised (in one part of my life at least!)

After taking stock of everything I acquired last year, I can happily confirm that everything is fabulous. Further, each and every skein in my stash makes me happy. There’s nothing I can bring myself to part with, except for what’s already been listed as ‘will trade or sell’ on Ravelry. It’s just making the time to work through things.

Here are four of my favourite purchases from the year, clockwise from top left:

  • Stansborough Yarn – Bofur Scarf knit kit. I picked this baby up when I went to the Weta Cave and Weta Workshop when I was in Wellington. I’m a little bit of a Tolkien nut, so it was a must have purchase. I’m thinking about knitting this one up for the husbot-to-be (although I may just keep it for myself – selfish knitter that I am!)
  • Dyed by Hand Camel Train Lace. It’s got camel fibre in it and it is gloriously soft and shiny. I also love how the base colour of the camel fibre has muted the tone to create an almost dirty-mint shade.
  • Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Solid – the final installment from the Cookie A Sock Club. I think signing up to that club was due to a touch of FOMO (fear of missing out) because I haven’t finished a single pair of socks from that club. but I will. Eventually. I put this in because it was my favourite colorway of the club.
  • Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace. Bought in Wellington, going to become a shawl for my wedding and it’s also shiny and soft and lovely. I think I have a bit of a thing for shiny yarn.

Do you have any favourite purchases – yarn or otherwise – from 2015? Tell me about them in the comments. (If you’re on Rav, leave your username if we’re not already friends so I can stalk your stash)

til next time, happy knitting.


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Knitting addict. Beginner Spinner. Find me on Ravelry as MissRedpen
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