A charitable start

I fell off the blogging wagon pretty hard last year – in fact I lost my knitting mojo for a while. I didn’t knit nearly as frequently as I had intended. I was pretty stressed and looking back, kind of overwhelmed with all of the changes that 2015 threw at me. I couldn’t bring myself to blog, or knit and everything just ended up in a big old heap.

Ironically, facing my fears and picking up a new project and finding that lost mojo helped me to lose some of the stress and find my inner peace.

The yarn diet I went on last year – like most diets, I fell off the wagon in a big way and ended up with a larger stash than I started the year with. i kind of ignored all of that too, so I now need to do a stocktake, update my stash in Ravelry and figure out my plan for 2016.

But first, let me show you my first completed project for the year – a wee joey pouch to send  to Wildlife Victoria. Yesterday I saw a media release, which put the call out for joey pouches (link to pattern) among other items and I was compelled to cast on one immediately.

Here is the completed object, modelled by a Windrider Cub*


I changed the pattern considerably, knit it in the round to avoid seaming. if anyone would like to use my method – let me know and I’ll put up the pattern in a later post. This was knit in some 8ply wool from Bendigo Woollen Mills and the best thing, gauge isn’t really a concern, because they need pouches of all sizes for all different kinds of animals.

Happy knitting!



*For those who don’t know, a Windrider is a mount from the World of Warcraft computer game.


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Knitting addict. Beginner Spinner. Find me on Ravelry as MissRedpen
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