The Inaugural Aussie Cardi KAL

Have you ever heard of NaKniSweMo? National knit a sweater month. It’s held in November, just in time for a Northern Hemisphere winter. 

How about the Knitmore Girls’ Summer of Lace and Beads – held over July, August, September?

So I got to thinking – it is high time we in the Southern Hemisphere had our own season-appropriate knit along. After running it by a few friends, the Aussie Cardi KAL was born.  

The inaugural KAL will run from 1 May to 30 June 2015. For this year, there is one rule – start knitting on & finish a cardigan between the dates. If you’ve got a UFO that you need a little moivation to get finished, here’s your opportunity to get it done. No minimum amount of stitches, no patter or yarn rules and no theme. 

All I ask is if you participate let me know. 

Use the #auCardiKAL tag on Twitter and Instagram, auCardiKAL tag on Ravelry. Feel free to start threads in your groups.

Will you be joining in the CardiKAL? what do you think of the idea?


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Knitting addict. Beginner Spinner. Find me on Ravelry as MissRedpen
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3 Responses to The Inaugural Aussie Cardi KAL

  1. Sonia Knits says:

    Love it! And yes I will join in.


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  3. You have perfect timing, I’m just about to cast on a new cardi! I’m in.


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