Finished Object – Achromatic Affection

More than two weeks have passed since the last time I sat down to write a blog post. I guess that’s what happens when you start a new job and don’t have endless hours at home.

My knitting productivity has also taken an obvious hit , but that’s to be expected when 40+ hours of my day are lost to the employment mines. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this new job and it came along at a point when I was starting to get a little stressed out about my personal finances etc, but I do miss being able to focus on doing things I love.

The good news, however since I last wrote, I have actually finished projects! Plural. Including my Achromatic Affection project. Check it out:

acromatic affection

Eyes on the shawl. Not the butt.

Like just about every other knitter on Ravelry, I had to knit one of these three-coloured shawls. My original plan was to knit it all in Cascade 220 Fingering in purple orchid, light grey and dark grey. Unfortunately, it turned out that the orchid and light grey colours were too similar in tone and blended into each other. I didn’t love it, and there’s no point in knitting something you’re not loving. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD.

I grabbed a figurative snorkel and dived into my stash to seek out an alternative skein to replace the ousted Orchid. After a little searching, I put my hand on a hand-dyed skein I purchased long ago from the Quizzical Owl. A charcoal semi-solid that matched perfectly with the two greys already in the project.

Colour Affection Selfie

Love the shawl. SO HARD

The result: Happiness. I LOVE the finished project. I wore it to the curvy couture roadshow fashion event I attended on 7 March, and I loved the selfie I took while wearing it so much I’m now making it my profile image everywhere.

My one tip if you’re planning a Color Affection (uurgh. I HATE the US spelling of ‘colour’ but that’s the name of the pattern, so what can I do?) don’t stress if you don’t think you have enough yarn – you probably do. The pattern states you need about 350 metres of each colour. This is clearly inaccurate, as just by looking at the pattern you need far less of colour two than you do of one and three. With my tight knitting on 4mm needles, I used (approximately) 210 metres of colour 1, 142 metres of colour 2 and 250 metres of colour 3.

Having bought 500 meters of each of the original colours, I have loads of yarn left over for future projects. Hopefully I’ll find something soon for the orchid. If not, it can live in stash for a while. Speaking of stash, let’s move on to my progress on the Stash Diet and end this post.

Stash Diet Summary – as at 14 March 2015

  • Meters knit from 1 January 2015 to date: 1863
  • Meters acquired since 1 January 2015: 1593
  • Position: decreased by 270 meters

Happy knitting!


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One Response to Finished Object – Achromatic Affection

  1. Sonia Knits says:

    It looks great! I love wearing mine.


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