Through the back loop

In addition to my quest for reducing the amount of stash in my life, I’ve committed to knitting more socks this year. To assist with this goal, a fellow knitter ‘enabled me’ and as a result, I signed up for the 2015 Cookie A sock club. This is not your ordinary sock club. In addition to receiving a skein yarn and two sock patterns, you also receive biscuit (cookie) recipes with each PDF file. Lordy.

The first shipment arrived after I drafted last week’s post, but before I published it to the web. So, I now have gained MORE yarn – another 400-ish metres of squishy sock-yarn goodness. The yarn we were provided with for this shipment is an exceedingly luxurious merino/cashmere/nylon blend from Anzula and indi hand dyer from California (USA). Cashmere for my feet! How decadent.

The colourway, Begonia, is a peaches-and-cream pinky/orange with subtle tonal variations. I’m not normally an orange or a pink fan, but as this colour puts me in mind of food, I like it!

As mentioned above, there are two patterns with the shipment. I’ve elected to work on the Pai Mei sock. I won’t go too much into the pattern, but let me tell you, it’s not overly complicated but requires a bit of concentration. After getting about 10 rows into the pattern I noticed that all of my ssk (slip, slip, knit) decreases were looking sloppy. A quick check of a ssk tutorial from my favourite go-to for knitting help, Very Pink Knits, and discovered that I had been doing a crucial step wrong.  It turns out that you are supposed to knit a ssk through the back of the loop, but I’d been doing it through the front. When I first encountered a ssk, I was doing them correctly but at some point in the not to distant past, I decided I was doing them wrong and needed to switch. GROAN.

Correctly knitting through the back of the two stitches means that the stitch of the right is the topmost stitch. Knitting through the front forces the left stitch to the top, making for a twisted mess.

After watching the fateful tutorial, I had a little vent on Twitter, then ripped out the entire sock and started again. This time, with the ssks being done correctly, the sock is coming along better. I’m 15 rows into the first leg.


This isn’t the only project that I’ve messed up due to an incorrect ssk. I’ve done the same thing on the second half of my steampunk shrug, but the error looks ok, so I’m going to leave it as a feature.

shrug to the left 2.1 sock closeup

Here are too (badly taken) photos of my ssks for demonstration. On the left is the incorrect version – the bumps in the fabric are the incorrectly made ssks.  In the close up of the sock project, you can see how the correctly made ssks made a neat line leaning from left to right. Much like a backslash.

Stash Diet Summary – as at 27 February 2015

Meters knit from 1 January 2015 to date: 1625

Meters acquired since 1 January 2015: 1593

Position: decreased by 32 meters

Right now, I feel like one of those people who exercises a lot, but also eats way too much so they basically stay in limbo.


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One Response to Through the back loop

  1. misstashknits says:

    I now have nfi how I’ve been doing ssk.
    Oh man. I think its a good thing that I’ve done very little knitting lately.

    My poor brain just isn’t up for it 😕


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