Study, knit, study …

When I’m not knitting, spinning or working, I’m studying. The end of my second study period with Curtin Uni through Open Unis is upon me. I have not one, but two major assignments due tomorrow (eep). As a result, my time to knit is scare.

That hasn’t stopped me though. I’m working on a pair of of fingerless mitts, using up some stash yarn. Knitting them two at a time to ensure they are the same length. Hoping for some magic a little later on with some dropped stitch action, but not quite there yet.

The yarn is Yarn Vs Zombies, Therian Base i(60% alpaca, 40% wool) n the Villaness colourway from the Year of the Geek yarn club.

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In the mean time, my next post will have to wait until after the assignment is marked. This blog was created as an assessment piece and we can’t make changes to form or content during the marking period. Fingers crossed that I pass!


Anyway, I best be back to the learnin’ mines. 


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Knitting addict. Beginner Spinner. Find me on Ravelry as MissRedpen
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