A chat with … Fiberific

Fiberific logo. A solar system with the planets represented by smiling balls of yarn

Chantelle, the brains, brawn and beauty behind the knitting and spinning goodies label, Fiberific kindly agreed to be interviewed for my little blog. For your reading pleasure, I submit her great responses verbatim:


1. How long has Fiberific been around?

It will be 2 years in September

2. What inspired you to start the business?

I wanted to try a new wheel, something different, but no one had any I could try so instead of buying 1 wheel sight unseen, I bought 5, getting Australian Dealership for The Merlin Tree, and the Queensland Dealership for SpinOlution, Charly from Ixchelbunny has always been a staunch supporter and offered to let me sell her Fibers in Queensland, everything else just grew… and grew.. and grew.

3. Your business includes hand dyed yarn, spinning wheels, notions, needles, fibre (of course), and buttons. So many buttons. Did you always have such a vast range, or did it build up slowly?

It really feels like it started slowly, but in reality it has been so quick, I would hunt around for tools etc that I would like to use, and get a wholesale account and then realise hang on they have heaps of cool stuff, and order all the things. Then add another account and a whole other range of things. It just keeps expanding exponentially.

4. I love that your colourways are inspired by, and named after Marvel characters. How do you match colours to characters?

Fiberific Sunflower in Sif & Steel Yarn in Purple and Grey

From my personal stash – Fiberific Sunflower in Sif & Steel

I love Marvel, I love all things Marvel both old and New (as I look down and see I am wearing my Director Coulson T shirt) I am constantly researching Marvel, that’s right researching, I look at old comics, new comics, cartoons, Movies and TV Series’. Then I think about the colours of the costume they are wearing, for example Osborn, is the name of one of the alias’ of the Green Goblin, but looking through all the fan stuff, I realised he comes in lots of different colour ideas over the last 50 years, so I thought about which I liked and went with that.

5. What dyeing technique(s) do you use? Do you have a favourite?

I tend to do a lot of multi coloured semi solid dyeing, as that is what I like to knit, crochet and weave with. I do some self-striping yarns also, but mostly only in the sock base.

6. What bases do you use?

I use some lovely pure silk from India in various weights, the Sunflower sock yarn (4ply) is 80 %Australian Wool and 20% Nylon, Pinwheel is laceweight in 90% Australian Wool and 10% Silk. Sombrero is my 8 ply 100% wool. I name all my yarn bases after Galaxies.

7. Biggest challenges in running a small crafting business?

Hmm this is a tough one, I would say they are keeping the cashflow moving, it is easy to overstock. And paperwork, it never ends.

8. Favourite part of your business/ or most rewarding event to date:

My favourite part is seeing what people are making! The most rewarding is tricky, I love going to Bendigo and being a part of the Woolshed down there, this year was wonderful with people coming to find me to say hi. But I have to say that the Qld Spinners Weavers and Fiber Artists Annual camp holds a special place in my heart. Over the last 7 years the wonderful members have taught me so much, and to see what they are making from things I have made warms my heart.

9. Any plans on the horizon you want to share?

I am madly getting my new website sorted. I didn’t realise how many items I have until I needed to take photos of them all! I am also looking at expanding my Marvel colours and also expanding them into the Sombrero Base too.


You can visit Fibrefic at http://www.facebook.com/Fiberific or email Chantelle at: chantelle@fiberific.com.au

Or, find her at a spinning camp!

Thanks for being a great sport Chantelle. And, Happy Birthday!


Questions for Chantelle? Enjoy this interview (my first) & like more? Comment below with questions or suggestions! 


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