Ramble and Make: A new online directory for crafters

While there is a growing community of nerdy, tech-savvy crafter-types, it’s a sad-but-true reality that many of the people who provide the materials and tools for our craft are not. Unless you’re already in the know, or well connected, it has been almost unpossible to find the best knitting, sewing and craft bricks and mortar stores within any given location.

Until now.

Launched in August 2014, Ramble and Make is an online directory of bricks and mortar stores for crafty trypes. Covering buttons and beads, sewing and fabric and, of course, yarn and fibre, the site offers all of the information necessary to visit a B&M store – location (complete with google maps reference), opening hours and stock. The site has capacity for users to submit reviews of the stores and give ratings on Range,,Knowledge, Friendliness, Price and (this impresses me greatly) Accessibility.

The data available on the site is fairly limited at this point, there’s only a few dozen stores listed at this point – which is understandable, given it’s new. But it has the potential to become a really great resource for those of us who love the hands-on aspects of shopping in a store instead of online. With this in mind, I encourage you to visit the site, add any other stores that you know of, with as much information as you can.

The site is very easy to use, the layout clean and clear and simple to navigate. I look forward to seeing this site grow into the great resource it has the potential to become.


Ramble And Make Logo visit Ramble & Make at www.rambleandmake.com


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